Technological Experts with Good Business Understanding

We offer our deep experience and end-to-end capabilities in various Enterprise IT Platforms to help clients gain tangible business benefits from their investment.

How it started

The Beginning of Our Journey in Digital Solutions

Starting from a group of long experienced consultants from various parts of digital solutions & practices got together and decided to utilize our skill and passion to help create long-lasting business benefits for ‘users’ and turning ‘IT tools’ into true Business Growth Engines.


To help clients gain true business values from digital solutions by

offering specific experiences and skills to get clients to identify, prepare, develop, and adopt the solutions successfully – while providing a good working environment and good learning opportunities for our people.


Meet the Architects of Our Technological Advancements

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Vichien Lanchanavanich


Narongvit Tangpanyarat

Director of Operation

Panicha Changsiricharoen

Head of Sales & Business Development

Lawan Saowakhonratn

Head of Project & Operation Control Department

Chonlatee Sukavadee

Head of ERP Application Department

Kittima Makaew

Head of Salesforce Department and Head of Enterprise Cloud Department (Acting)

Nanthiya Saiyarot

Head of Innovation & Development Department

Bunchong Taetrongjit

Head of Analytics Department (Acting) and Team Lead – Project Delivery

Our Values

Passion for Your Success

We strongly believe in aligning values of our Clients, our Staff, and our Organization in all of our decisions and practices, for we know that sustainability and growth cannot be achieved if we miss any of them.

Business Alliance


Round 2 Solutions x Thai NS Solutions

On November 2022, Round Two Solutions reached a partnership agreement with Thai NS Solutions, a Japanese global software implementer.   

Through this alliance, we combine our expertise and resources to offer a wider range of products and services, while also expanding our reach in the market. By working together, we are able to provide innovative

Our Business Partner

We are a certified partner with

SAP and

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Plans and executes IT projects, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction within scope and budget.

Analyzes client business needs, recommends tailored IT solutions, and ensures seamless alignment with strategic goals.

Implements, configures, and optimizes IT solutions, offering deep technical expertise for seamless integration and performance.

Provides ongoing support, troubleshoots issues, and ensures smooth IT system operation, focusing on client satisfaction and reliability.

All positions are opened

Let us know what would you like to do and how can we team up together